A bunch of young talents, well trained, currently at top notches from various disciplines, thriving to fetch larger population who are curious to upgrade themselves for sustaining a much more global tomorrow.


An initiative to make a comprehensive  platform for exploring A-Z disciplines. In order to make this conceivable to end-users, we have established a personalized environment of user-friendly software and interactive tools. This would keep our candidates engaged with various features including virtual visits, real-life practices, live associations with specific field specialists. A simplified view to explore our missions, as well as discover a plethora of creative and innovative learning features. We collaborate with students, startups, experts, freelancers, industries and enterprises to build powerful and transformable solutions.


We believe innovative digital learning platform has an inherent potential to upscale thousands of lives. Our features have been developed with the utmost care to be more flexible, affordable and could be easily accessed from anywhere in the world with its online/offline features. As a matter of fact, users can proceed at their own pace.


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The world we live in is becoming increasingly competitive. We need to prepare ourselves and upcoming generations for a much more global tomorrow. As we are in the upsurge of digital technology, we felt the need for an international platform with all in one base and thus the ignition of COEDLOITE was started. It provides young minds with the power of knowledge so they can be competitive, confident about themselves, and respectful of the rich diversity of various fields.

Each personalized feature of COEDLOITE contains news dimension, composed of simple language with context and background to make sense to users. It also includes interviews, a live tour, facts, puzzles and more.

We are open to the feedbacks of all . You may send your articles, comments and views to info.coedloite@gmail.com

We are a tribe of devs, software architects, product and UX designers ready to face any digital challenge.”


customized experiences with travel experts. It has been recently acknowledged out of +50 startups by the Seattle Angel Conference.


Our squads have strong technical skills and domain over the latest programming languages and UX/ UI trends and methodologies. Also, fluxes have the ability to identify the real value behind every solution, with a heavy lean towards technology and business. We also speak agile, lean, Kanban and other global-scale software development practices



We are  a leading custom software development company with a talent pool of 400+ experienced engineers. With a heavy focus on web and mobile development, we help startups and fast-growing tech companies build successful and scalable products that users love.